Friday, November 23, 2001

soooooo tired, soooooo achey. that apt cleaning job Wednesday really wrecked me. I need to go back up there today, ugh. I mean, its decent work, but I hate going uptown, and it took me ALL day yesterday to get rid of the stench that was stuck to my body - several different kinds of baths - baking soda, that peppermint "natural" stuff - I came so close to just pouring bleach all over my body. My boots are still on the fire escape, I'm rather afraid to see what the story is with them. I just stayed here most of the day, trying to get my body back to it's normal, natural aroma - hehe.

Last night the phone rang around 8pm, I let the machine pick up. It was this guy I ran into on the street about 2-3 weeks ago. We had an "AOL date" maybe a year earlier, and so we chatted for awhile on the street, then he took my phone number. I didn't recognize the voice, so I didn't pick up. After replaying the message twice, I realized who it was, but I felt too insecure at that point about my body odor, so I didn't call back. Maybe I'll call tonight, his message sort of left it at "if you're in town this weekend, would be great, been meaning to call you" - so, I suppose I should call him after work, if I don't get all stunk up again!