Monday, November 19, 2001

Jack Wrangler

Been keeping myself busy watching/reviewing/auctioning more porn - this is from a favorite, Gemini, and since I just got a second copy, I'm about to auction it on eBay. Jack Wrangler actually approached director Steve Scott with this idea of an All About Eve split-personality like character, but Steve thought 2 was all Jack, and any porn flick, could handle. So, Jack plays the role of a nice guy with new nice guy lover, as well as this "bad" personality who goes around having sleazy sex in backalleys with Richard Locke while Pink Floyd plays. He also is sandwiched between 2 guys in a pool-table fuck, as well as a contruction-worker worship scene (more Pink Floyd), and a great men's restroom/gloryhole scene. Eventually, when the lover discovers Jack's horrible problem, he commits him to a hospital for treatment.