Wednesday, November 14, 2001

ok, a whole 30 hours in this thing, and while I feel a bit like stupid sexy flanders, I swear, I still don't see a need to change. I mean, it's not like I work, or have a boyfriend, or even any sort of potential ex-boyfriend on the horizon, I needn't worry about impressing anyone, I just need to be comfortable.......and with 2 hours of decent tv on tonight to look forward to (yeah, West Wing finally won me over, since it's a decent warm-up before Law and Order). ooooooooh, Malcolm just shot up a million points, playing one of my fave Elvis songs: Pump it Up.

where was I? oh yeah, last time I had "sex" it was Saturday, which shouldn't seem like so long ago, except it was "i'm done so I'm leaving now" sex - you know, the guy has a boyfriend, came over so I could take pics of a few cockrings on him, and well, I guess I decided he needed fluffing..... well, it's getting a bit boring. Sunday night I returned to the Cock, after skipping it for the previous 2 Sunday Nights, and well, with one pal kneeling in the southeast corner, and another one playing peak-a-boo with a group in the northwest corner, I just couldn't find a decent spot to, well, and some guy kept grabbing my beer bottle - I mean, it's cold, wet, hard, and has a long-neck, are you really that drunk you can't tell the difference? And then in the main room, a former roommate, drunk - you know "I'm gonna yell, and stand right next to your ear, and tell you the same 2 stupid stories over and over again" drunk - complaining how being on probation for having the cops find cocaine on him is really putting a damper on his life - ugh - like he needs to get higher.
Me, I think a pizza is in order. I think I have a few beers in the fridge, and while I rarely drink at home, and even more rarely alone, what the hell? It'll keep me home tonight, Last Wednesday I tried $1.00 beer night, but watching a pal hit on one guy, chat for awhile, move on to the next, and me not getting a single smile from anyone, well, not in the mood for a repeat. ok, pizza's ordered. maybe some dope. I haven't had a serious smoke dope, eat everything in sight, download all sorts of shit from audiogalaxy, porn-watching binge in awhile........