Monday, November 05, 2001

I live among the creatures of the night

yeah yeah yeah, but WHAT ABOUT THE PORNO-CRAZED RAMBLINGS??? ok, so I'm watching Daniel Holt screw the beejeepers out of 2 guys in Kenneth Holloway's JOB SITE, (who you may rememeber from such films as: Hotel Hell, Knockout, and of course, Rodeo) and they are playing the instrumental version of The Human League's Don't You Want Me!!

Woah, Eric Ryan is on top of this car, and this guy is licking his balls thru the sunroof!! - the best part, of course, is the narration by this "queeny" uncle, who runs the bordello that Tad, the "twink" has just inherited. It's probably one of the few actual films that Holloway made, since he got into directing in the early 80's, and usually used video, and that dang song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax in just about every friggin' movie he ever made! Oh shit! Now, during the orgy finale, this beautiful hairy man with a huge piece of meat is getting a nice blowjob, but - EGAD!!!! The really long version of Self Control is playing on the bar's jukebox! This is a true early 80's movie!! What do you bet that the HIS video version doesn't have all these tunes on it?? Probably not, cuz I think I just heard Madonna's Lucky Star playing.