Monday, November 05, 2001

can i just say -

how much money did those fuckers ask for the day after the attack?? (or, if you are an Emmy-watcher, "the tragic events of Sept 11")?? they only got 15fuckingBILLION dollars, what 5 or 10 billion less than they asked for? The news seems to focus on the guy caught with the knives, and of course they have to figure out what he was up to trying to board a United Airlines flight with a stun gun, a bunch of knives, and some mace. But WHAT THE FUCK's the deal with Argenbright Security ?? They didn't even search the guy's carry-on bag after they found 2 knives on his body!!! The carry-on search happened later, during a random search (meaning they didn't target him specifically, he could well have "lucked-out" and not had the additional search) just before take-off. FUCK ALL these incompetant greedy fuckers - and the Justice Dept??? - "Argenbright reached a settlement in October with the Justice Department, admitting it had failed to complete court-ordered background checks on its employees. That move followed by less than a year guilty pleas by three Argenbright managers who admitted breaking FAA rules. They allowed untrained employees -- some with criminal backgrounds -- to operate airport checkpoints, the managers said." says the CNN story. ferchrissakes, a goddamn welfare mother getting a couple hundred bucks a month has to put up with more government involvemnet in her life than these fuckers who are taking BILLIONS from us and still fucking up!!! From the Washington Post : "Last month federal investigators found that Argenbright was employing security workers who did not speak English (emphasis added) at Dulles International Airport. When investigators gave a skills test to 20 Argenbright workers at Dulles, seven failed. The company was already on probation for serious security violations last year at the Philadelphia airport, for which it paid $2.3 million in fines and restitution and several managers went to jail." DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH?, CRIMINAL BACKGROUNDS? NO BACKGROUND CHECKS?

Look, I'm not one of these English-only types, far from it, but doncha think speaking English would be a good way of communicating with each other, and the people you are supposed to be searching? And this House bill that passed last week? jeezus, more money to the AIrlines, and higher pay for the same people who've been fucking up for years now, really fucking nice. So now the feds will supervise the non-English speaking criminal background folks who do the security check - I'm calling up United Airlines right now and booking my flight to CHICAGO for Christmas, oh fucking yeah, man.