Tuesday, November 27, 2001

............no really, not nervous at all. It's only been 2-1/2 weeks since any sort of interest in my body has been paid, and that was a "partnered" guy who just got too excited modeling some cockrings for me........(those married guys sure know how to cum fast, and LEAVE fast!). Before that, gosh, a groping in the Cock's back room? Does it count if it was just my beer bottle? (I really gotta stop standing around with my thumb hooked in my pants pocket, holding my beer) Anyway, I've got a whole 4 hours to make myself presentable, without looking like I made any effort. I almost forgot, this guy's cock is really huge, like "ow! my petite mouth can't take any more!" huge - He works til 10, then will come by around 10:30, says he'll bring beer. So, does this count as a real date? Who cares, right? Trouble is, I really dig his face, and if the night goes well, I might wind up, like um, liking him....... hmmph.