Thursday, November 15, 2001

so, as I am getting near the bottom of the bag of porn I purchased on Sunday ( 35 videos, 5 mags), I find that someone tossed in this flyer - hmmmm. "Fits any penis size" - HEY! what the hell are they trying to say?



  • bill - sharing the same name as my most-recent-Ex, normally that would turn me off, but he is a fellow ex-Chicagoan, and the not-so-secret porno stash IS rather extensive

  • pottymouth if you are local - it's only 5 bucks, this friday, Lower East Side - DO IT!
  • adam - one of the few bloggers who was not (yet) banned me from posting comments on his page - some really great photography, and very helpful on my webnerd questions.

    wait, I mean, "plug" like promote, right?