Sunday, November 11, 2001


I am sooooooooooo high!

spent the afternoon at this fund-raising benefit (is that redundant?) for Gay Men's Chorus, over in the West Village called "Porn Again" - basically, the members of the group (plus some donations, I think) threw together their unused porn to sell off. Well, hoping there might be a few good things there, I got there soon after it began, and scoped the place out rather quickly. Free snacks? Later! Scoped out the various tables, and made a bee-line to the cheap table. Finally, my years of "studying" are paying off, I could recognize titles with no boxes so fast (Score - Joey Stefano, director Chi Chi Larue, 1990, grab it, Joey takes a nice facial in this one) El Paso - hmmm, old label, might be the "good" unbutchered version, Grab it. Bullet Pac#2, might have Bruno (it did!! yeah!) Grab it. Colt - those sell, grab 'em. I even ran into a neighbor, we chatted briefly, but I had to tell him I was focused on this; fortunately, he's a member of the Chorus, so he was happy I would be spending money. Sizing Up - isn't that Matt Sterling's 1984 film with Matt Ramsey (you younger folks might know him as Peter North)? grab it!! I was fairly aggressive, the browsers got the idea that I was serious, and stood out of the way. Ranger in the WIld (hmmm, not to be confused with Al Parker's Rangers, but still Daryl Brock, Max Grande!), The Big One - music by Costello Presley; Best of Jon King, Summer of Scott Noll, Bijou? Wakefield Poole's second film, from 1972, with an original video label? cool; no, I grabbed it first, get out of my way --grrrrrrrrrr!

Anyway, being one of the first 100 to arrive, they also threw in 2 bonus videos - I barely made it home on my bike with over 30 videos and a few magazines. I went back - mostly cuz I figured I could use a beer, relax, and actually SPEAK to my neighbor, who's a cutie - but I didn't want to stay with all my porn and worry about it after drinking. Someone even tried to buy El Paso from me as I was checking out. Grrrrrrrrrrr. back off!!! (no, I was nice, I started to explain why it might be valuable, the homophobe getting tossed thru the bar window scene isn't in the more recent copies, and he sorta got bored and walked away, but 3 other people were impressed!). I had Pretenders first album on the discman, porn in a big shopping bag, and stuffed into my backpack - great ride home! I quickly checked that it IS the old El Paso, and then I headed back. Actually found 2 more decent tapes, including another Colt - this one..................wooooh!! Al Parker and Mike Davis in "Timber Wolves" plus Johnny Harden (this is a "keeper"!) And they even gave a bonus video to everyone when it was time to leave - The Road Home, which I have a dupe of, and I know it's good - Todd Gibbs, totally not my type in theory (smooth, blondish-red) but baby! what a body - oh shit! this is the one with Ryan Idol as a priest who jacks off while listening to confession!

Think I'll be very busy for a few days, hehe.