Sunday, November 25, 2001

cleaning house, which is good, but nothing to write home about. but, the good news, is that I am finally feeling horny again, so maybe I will get out of the house later...... then again, there's plenty of Haagen Das in the fridge.......

and yes, still posting auctions. 2 with Jack Wrangler - this pic is from around 1974, and as much as I love Jack, I'm glad he eventually learned to go a little lighter on the mascara!

I must say, he really is the best masturbator; I mean, I was watching that one scene from Kansas City Trucking where he's all alone, and the sounds of the highway give it this trippy feel, with the headlights occasionally flashing, and he is just whacking that mighty meat - obviously, having a great cock like his helps, but he really loves showing it off, takes great pride and pleasure in it, and does that one-hand-on-the-balls, the other slamming up and down on the shaft thing...... Of course, my other fave, Al Parker, is the quintessential cocksucker. Ever see him in Turned On, where he's persuing Sky Dawson? Holy shit, his beautiful face, that beard, and his alternating gentle slurps and deep gulps, the way he waits for the cum to splash across his whiskers, not gobbling it up, but first slowly licking his own face, then diving back in just under his partner's balls, and a few more slurps on the last drops falling ..... what a man! I feel I've learned important things from both these men....... (hmmm, is this my belated Thanksgiving blog?)