Tuesday, November 06, 2001

miscellaneous stuff
My GOD Michael Christopher has a huge piece of meat! - No, that's not him over there, but I've been getting a lot of requests for info on director Arthur J. Bressan, Jr., and I'm watching one of his last films, Juice, which stars Mr Christopher (who you may remember from such films as The Best Little Warehouse in L.A., Gayracula, Pleasure Beach (a personal fave) and A Few Good Men),as a porn mag photographer who's boss Eric Ryan doesn't like his "arty" pics, so he's on a deadline to get more pics. Bressan also did a lot of work for P.B.S. apparently, and most notably did a few "legit" movies like Abuse which I haven't yet seen, but hope to rent this week. And lots of people want info on another of his porn films from 1984, Daddy Dearest, which was Richard Locke's last film, and also stars a young Dean Johnson, who apparently is hosting a new nite at a new(ish) bar, "The Hole", this Thursday called "Triple XXX"

Meanwhile, I'm posting this pic over here (or there, can't remember if i did align=left or right)as a sort of contest - I'm trying to figure out all those theatre posters in the background, and as an incentive to helping me out, if you Email Me the most correct answers, I'll send you a cockring - pictured over there somewhere, it's a simple, yet elegant, black leather snap-on cockring.

Today's election has made the friggin' phone ring off the hook for several days now, mostly from mayoral hopeful Mike Bloomberg - "Hi, I'm Mike Bloomberg, I'm not a politician, therefore, I am most qualified for a political job like mayor of the Center of the Universe, so please vote for me, or I take all those jobs i've created out of this fucking city!" Then there's former mayor Koch: "Hi, I'm former Mayor Koch, I've already endorsed 2 other losers in this election, so what the hell, I'll endorse Mike Bloomberg now."

as we used to say in Chicago, "vote early, and vote often"