Sunday, November 04, 2001

..........gosh, what a great night I had. Nope, didn't do the bar thing afterall, but met up with some AOL guy, and it was really nice. Very affectionate man, he had soft, firm hands that seemed to really dig my body. We napped after we both exploded on my torso, and at 3:30 am, sorta hazy as I awoke, he says: "Ice cream?" I giggled, and he said it again: "Ice Cream?" - so I said yes, not bothering to ask what kind, and he smiled and asked why I was giggling. It's just like exactly what I do after having sex with a stranger - generally I hurry him out the door, already preparing in my mind a bowl of ice cream, sometimes with a microwaved brownie. So this guy scoops out all of the pint into the 2 bowls, and we cuddle and eat ice cream. Then he suggests we get under the covers, and as we did, I got all frisky again. Smart man that he apparently is (he liked my body, right??? hehe), he took control of the situation, and got us into a quick slurp-slurp lick-lick whank-off so we could actually get some sleep - I loved that! Usually, there's that "too tired to do it, too frisky to sleep" thing going on that gets you nowhere. He warned me he had to be up early, and after the alarm sounded the second time, I dressed, leaving him in bed waiting for his bestfriend to call for their morning outing. Riding home, with the cool air, and warm morning sun in my face, I was glad I had the discman, with Bjork cooing in my ear...........

Feel my breath
On your neck
And your heart
Will race

It was a great ride home, taking my usual detour through the park to see the dogboys (and some doggirls) at the dogrun....... made some good coffee (not the cheap vacuum packed espresso I usually get on sale at Key Food, but some tasty Brazilian Espresso from Porto Rico on St Marks) and sat down for some blogreading. Good thing I didn't read Tinman's Saturday post, it would've reminded me of my bias against men under 35 - this is taken totally out of context, but - "I fear I'll wind up 35 or 40 and single. I fear I'll be one of those over-the-hill single gay guys who still hangs out at bars but nobody wants to talk with him because he's too old." - that rubbed me the wrong way! Fortunately, I had so much rubbing the right way (by a 30-year-old) that it made me smile rather than scream. Gosh, I don't think I was ever one to think of 35 or 40 as "over the hill" - I figured guys didn't talk to me in bars just cuz i'm ugly, not cuz I'm old!!