Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Bjork Remix Web is a fantastic site, where "amateur" remixers get a chance to show the world their BJORK remixes - there's a lot to sift thru to find the really good stuff (Joga alone has 56 remixes!), but if you're anything like me, sometimes, like last night, when you can't sleep at 5 a.m. and CNN just doesn't do the trick, finding a cool song like Jólasveinar (Christmas Men) is worth the time. The remixer took a song Bjork recorded in 1977 (when she was 11 and doing a children's TV special, I think) and gave it this very cool, haunting sound - perfect for you folks who like making off-beat Christmas mixed-tapes (er, this is 2001, so I guess discs)! A couple of nice guys have emailed/mentioned recently they liked the inclusion of Bjork songs here - some I post are "official" (like the acapella HIDDEN PLACE) and some are not (like the Pagan Poetry dance mix), but the remix site is pretty much winked at by Bjork and her record company, cuz they realize it's great publicity for her. Don't be shy, if downloading is a pain in the ass for you, and you'd rather, I can always e-mail you a song or two.... And the Bravo special was great (except for way too many commercials) - the opening 60 seconds was the best, a slowed-down version of Hyperballad played, with some sweeping landscape shots of Iceland, which eventually zoomed in on Bjork, all in white, on this amazing field of ice!