Wednesday, November 07, 2001

making a compilation video for a pal, and, well, it's having that effect on me........ oooooooooh, since he reads this from time to time, I can't say who just shot a nice load across Steve Rambo's face; but poor Steve, that clenched lip look is just not very sexy! I mean, it's obvious why he's keeping his mouth closed, and that's cool, but there are ways of doing it that don't look so, um, scaredy-cat like, ya know? Or just don't do the facial thing if it's not your thing - porn directors should really talk more with their actors to see what they are comfortable with. And see in this next scene, this guy takes a huge load on his face, no wincing, just a nice slurp job on the guy in leather chaps, and then a dirty grin while he's getting spooged on! Awww, man! I forgot Cliff Parker is in this one...... gotta run!