Saturday, November 17, 2001


ok, we have 2 winners - each guessed 4 correctly, both having gotten the 3 listed below, plus
  • P (duck vamps) also guessed "cabaret"; then added "That's all I can see what with that huge cock in the way."
  • Casey guessed "his unit is dangling in front of 'Annie'.", then went on to add "the lower right (mostly offscreen) could be Cabaret. Or The Rocky Horror Show. Or any number of other musicals where someone is made up in lots of lipliner. I'm making things up now, time to quit."

    so, I just need to get addresses from the boys, and they'll get their prize.

    Thanks to all who entered; I found the whole thing to be very very funny, since invariablye everyone claimed to know nothing about Theatre - me, I barely got Superstar!

    I promise, if and when I do another contest, it'll be about porn - I certainly have a lot more knowledge there, and who knows, maybe I can use it as an excuse to make folks search through my pornology pages!