Thursday, November 15, 2001

such a pretty city

I'm watching Law and Order, and I have further proof I'm a BIG FAG when:

1) I wished I had taped the show, after realizing how many potential male suspects are dressed in blue collar uniforms

2) I squeal when I realize the eventual female suspect is Diana Scarwid, who played Christine Crawford in Mommie Dearest (not to mention starring in Strange Invaders, as well).

Speaking of televsion, the lovely gentleman pictured here is known to me and other porno fans as Wade Nichols star of Boy-Napped, and apparently some str8 porn, as well (which I wouldn't know anyting about). But to others, he's known as Dennis Parker, star in a daytime soap, The Edge of Night, and also had a disco "hit" of sorts, called NEW YORK BY NIGHT which has made me laugh so hard all week - my favorite lyrics -

on 42nd street
X-rated is the beat
see some skin up on the silver screen
at 53rd and 3rd
a dollar is the word
turn that trick, you better hurry kid