Wednesday, November 14, 2001

well, still havent taken the union suit off - lets see if I get too sweaty running around town today doing errands - a bunch of packages for the post office - 4 various porno-related items, one Frampton poster (dont ask, but yes, I agree, that's obscene!). HMV to see if the bjork dvd-single is there, bank for deposting money (yeah, 28 dollars - woo-hoo!)

oh yeah, and thanks to all you folks who sent in entries for the cockring contest, er Theatre Poster contest; a few of them had me on the floor laughing "I don't know much about Theatre, but the font on the top left hand corner was only used from 1974-76 for Joan Plowright productions, and she only worked with John so-and-so.........." anyway, I'll be checking them all and posting the winner (if he doesnt mind) Friday night/early Sat morning. I guess I should make it official, entries must be sent by noonish Friday ....blah blah