Friday, June 28, 2002

After the New York Times did their monthly "blogger" article, I got a couple of emails yesterday asking why I'm not on the NYC Blogger Subway Map. With the exception of the wonderful Hit-or-Miss.Org, I don't think I'm on any list of Bloggers. Besides not being much of a "joiner", I checked the map out when it first got all that publicity, and found that I wasn't particularly interested in folks merely because of their geography. I did check it out again yesterday, and with a whopping 1039 folks listed, I was rather surprised then when I searched for the word "gay", I got only 15 results; "queer" yielded 5; "fag" yielded 2; and of course, Lesbian invisibility again, with the words "dyke" and "lesbian" each yielding ZERO results. Of course, it merely searches the brief one-line description that each participant used to describe his or her webpage, but still, I think it's a rather remarkable statistic.

Another interesting stat, the Lower East Side - 2 Avenue stop (probably the closest stop to where I reside) has the highest number listed in all of Manhattan at 23; and Bedford Avenue L-train stop in Brooklyn, at 15, seems to have the highest number in that Borough (one stop into Manhattan, a few steps from The Phoenix).

Unrelated to all of this, while looking for queer music to download last night, this song seemed appropriate for this time of year.