Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Doncha just love the worldwideweb? This morning, chatting with a handsomeyoungman, somehow the subject of Garbage remixes came up, and I just had to listen to my 5 or 6 cd-singles, but I also wanted to share, and couldnt get anything from Audiogalaxy, and I don't know nuthin' about making an mp3 from a CD, so I complained in this blog below. I went out for a bike ride, discthing plugged in, and really enjoyed the songs of course, despite them reminding me of that man from 3-4 years ago..... anyhoo... when I got home, anotherhandsomeyoungman comes to the rescue with an email mentioning another file-sharing program - WHOO HOO! - so here we are, You Look So Fine, slowed-down, Fun Lovin' Criminals version. (I'll try to get the revved up dance version later).