Tuesday, June 04, 2002

"You got a cockring?" I stifled my laugh, knowing no matter where you are in my apartment, you'd be within arm's reach of one. "Here", I said as I offered him the one in front of me, ignoring the 2 that were closer to him. He quickly snapped it on as I tried to get the webcam ready. I cautioned him again that the quality wouldn't be so great, but he had no pics for his AOL'ing, and he figured anything was better than nothing. Only 20 minutes earlier, we were on line chatting, me teasing this stranger about not having a picture, then offering to take some snapshots. He got here fast enough, slurping on some blue newfangled Gatorade as I loaded the Intel. As soon as he saw the image on my computer screen, he started taking clothes off, socks, boxers, everything. Gosh, these young guys sure ain't shy!

After about 12 pictures, he said "enough" and we sat together as I made a folder, then emailed them to him, and instructed him how to then send them to potential "dates." Hmmm, should I be helping this "married" man cheat? He said it was by mutual agreement with his boyfriend, and of course it wasn't my problem. Turning to him, I could see that he was indeed a grower, and I figured I could use a closer look at his hairy balls. Still fully clothed, I managed to stay sitting in my desk chair while getting him to make some very encouraging sounds, and he started pulling at my clothes. He seemed to like what he was uncovering, so I made a point of making it difficult for him, pretending not to notice his efforts, and concentrating more on my efforts. Then we traded places, my boxers somewhere on the floor, and now I was making the encouraging sounds. He said something about the bedroom, and tossed my freshly done laundry off the bed and onto the floor.

Funny, online I was fairly indifferent, and even warned him that it would "just be for taking pictures", but somehow, with no expectations, my body was responding very quickly, not at all it's usual shy self, and he was grinning pretty wide looking in my direction. Then, suddenly, he's on all fours, with his butt sticking up in the air! I looked down, shrugged, and just dove in, my stomach against his ass, my cock against his balls, my face against the back of his sweaty neck. I started nibbling at the tattoo on his upper back, and pumping my lower body into him. My mouth on his left ear at this point, I whispered "I haven't any idea what I'm doing right now", and collapsed in laughter. He thought it was funny, too, and then we moved towards something more mutually appealing. Standing over him, it took me a few seconds to realize that the blue moving towards my balls was his Gatorade tongue............