Saturday, June 29, 2002

You Are My Friend

It's so funny, your thoughts are floating along, trying to figure out how to incorporate this non-disco Sylvester song about friendship and this weekend's Gay Pride celebrations into something that can make some sort of sense. This time of year, I get fairly sentimental. The cynicism seems to fade away, and while the sad thoughts of friends who are gone, people who are no longer friends, and the one of my three "primary" ex's who never became a friend creep in, there is still this cheerfulness about Gay Pride that comes over me. I get out my Sylvester CD, crank up the speakers, find god-awful animated gifs (no, i'm not posting the rainbows doing all sorts of awful things, but they are on my hard-drive, ready to make me titter).

Anyway, over a year ago, while searching for info on the internet about my favorite porno directors and stars, finding very little content is what inspired me to try to put some of the info together and creat some webpages. But I did find someone who had a cute Richard Locke tribute page. So I sent off an email complimenting the page, and we quickly became online pals. One of the funny things, after exchanging real addresses and agreeing to share some porno videos, was that after a couple of weeks, I get an email saying "you realize I'm a woman, right?" HA! I was totally clueless! Somehow I pictured some thin Japanese porn-loving man out on the West Coast (I still don't know her nationality). We had a good laugh, and 18 months later, we still write regularly, sending videos, alerting each other to ebay auctions, etc. And just this week, she submitted what I hope to be the first of many "guest porno reviews" (I have to code it and get stills, so look for it in about a week).

Anyway, I got home from my post office run, with a flat parcel in my back pack that I forgot about since in the meantime I had done some other errands. I sit down at the computer to upload the Sylvester tune, still a bit frustrated about the DYKES on BIKES clip (I'll work on it later), and realize I have a parcel. Of course, it's from her, another hard-to-find Jack Wrangler article with accompanying high-quality xeroxed pics from the article (I swear this woman has more Jack Wrangler stuff than anyone on the planet!), and a terrribly sweet note, perfect for my mood, and gave me those happy-smiley tears we all love so much.

And of course, between the note/article from her, and the fantastic background singing on the Sylvester song, who can help but think FAG HAG! And I think I know her well enough that she would be honored, rather than horrified, to be called that. But I have no clue as to whether she actually, physically hangs out with gay men, and it made me wonder what would be the word for internet fag hags? E-fag hags?