Sunday, June 02, 2002

so, it's been like 2 months since I've looked into AOL chatrooms, and of course there's nothing exciting to report from them, as usual. I had one "conversation" with a guy Friday night, where every other response (mine included) was "cool" Not exactly a great way to get a relationship going, so we both gave up fairly quickly. And it's particularly dangerous to look into AOL NYC chatrooms on a Sunday morning, since the only folks likely to strike up any sort of conversation have been up for the past 12 hours+, and are high on some sort of dick-limping drug. And while I know at my advanced age I shouldn't be so picky, do you think spelling in these AOL profiles should count? Like, this one guy, who's supposed to be a bus driver (uniform sex.......mmmmmmmmm), he's got this in his profile:
Hobbies: gardening look walks and quite even

and then there's Takeiteasy934, who keeps typing in the room - anyone into phone? - c'mon, shouldn't you use a phone sex line for that (I prefer the Daddy line - 212-688-5625)

..... in other news, I'm selling some cockrings again - and I could use a new model or two, so volunteers should let me know (don't worry, I won't photograph your face, I'm only interested in your genitals). So far two are being offered, just find the "auctions" link above, and follow it to NaughtyBids. Oh, and I'm starting to worry about one of those Seinfled "When Worlds Collide" episodes happening in my own life. Not that there's a relationship BJ anywhere in sight to be concerned about, but I'm starting to meet people who know me from this page (just yesterday I'm peddling up Ave B and hear "HEY BJ!", and I only turned cuz I thought it was an offer). So, I wonder if I actually got some sort of interesting personal life going, how would I handle it here? I gave it some thought a few weeks back, when it seemed like a possibility, and figured I could still keep this going without really endangering any sort of privacy I would want to maintain in regards to another guy. Like the "shower memory story" about a week or two ago. I've got plenty of those stored in my head, since I have a pretty good memory for emotional stuff like how high I got on that wet man looking so good in my sun-lit bathroom, although I may well not remember his name, or exactly when it happened. But, I needn't worry about that right now, no one's pounding on the door. And just last night I realized it's been 3 weeks since actual sexual contact with another human being in the same room! I guess the good news is that a realization like that would normally get me depressed, but since lately I'm kinda looking for quality. Although............. I was trying to figure out what might be a good little sexual outing, without getting me depressed about it. Like, ideally, it would have to be someone I really dug, but, since those guys kinda flee really quickly, it would have to be someone from out of town, so I wouldn't take it personally. Or maybe a guy who's already involved, and so I could latch onto that fact, and not take it personally. Or maybe a pair of guys from out of town, who had no where to stay for 3 days, and stayed in my bed and we had hot wet sex 3 or 4 times a day until they left, and I could live off that memory for a few weeks, or months, if need be. Hmmmmmmm.