Sunday, June 02, 2002

......awwwww, one buddy forced me to go out and walk around the neighborhood a short while ago, and another one is forcing me to have cheap Margueritas at Benny's in 30 minutes (which is to say I will be totally useless, but really really accomodating to any visitors, wink wink, in about 90 minutes). Such good pals. But, since I am such a horrible person about emails (sometimes I reply within seconds, sometimes I'm so lazy it takes a week) I'd like to thank all the kindly folks who sent such great vibes my way the past 3 days - begging for attention does work, apparently! And then this fantastic book fell into my lap yesterday, and it was like the most perfectest thing imaginable, for like 6 zillion reasons, helping to put things into perspective, and remind me what's important to me, and even more so, to remind me what a fantastic pal I have in Western Kansas. I really need to head out there someday, eh?