Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Here comes another winter
Of long shadows and high hopes
Here comes another winter
Waitin' for utopia
Waitin' for hell to freeze over

still going crazy over THE THE REMIX MANIA; still on emotional rollercoaster. might have pics for later, or non-sex porno clip, or if I'm in a good mood (ha!), both.

Armageddon Days (Are Here Again) Remix

The shade's pulled, the sweat is from our bodies struggling against each other, trying to find the perfect spot, and we're getting hotter and wetter. This song comes on just as you try to lift yourself up on your elbows. I push your face down into the pillow, the belt that was strewn on the floor a few minutes ago will work just fine for your hands, our discarded jockstraps work well on each on your feet. I get an ice cube, and drop it on the small of your back as you yell out, then push my goatee down into it and into that hairy spot just above your ass that I love so much, the warmth and pressure of my mouth melting it as we listen........