Wednesday, June 12, 2002

speaking of "music", I came home the other night, grabbed a pint of something (not beer), a bag of something salty, and whatever else looked edible without needing nuking, and plopped on the floor, clicking the remote for something entertaining. Not usually a musicvideo fan, I saw some spaceguy on channel 20 (MTV here) and stopped. Song sounded familiar, then I realized who it was. I remember downloading the song from audiogalazy a whiles back, and not being impressed. Video was worse. My Video Is All Made of Stars just seems like something Billy Joel would do, and writing a song that's really just some backwards-played Gary Numan tune. I dunno, I loved that last album for the first 2 months, then, like many people, I couldn't listen to it without thinking of some BRAND of something or other. The guy's an idiot - not allowing fans a chance to develop their own memories and visuals associated with the album really stunk. Instead we have Amercian Express, that lame Kirstie Alley show, and god-knows where else he sold his soul to..... meanwhile, Pere Ubu's Heart of Darkness was playing at the Phoenix last night - killer!!