Friday, June 21, 2002

Last night was really fun. I mean the earlier porno part, not the live-action sex part (well, that was fun, too). Went to the Anthology Film Archives (sorry, too lazy to link, just scroll down and look for the Robert Redford-looking pic of BILL HARRISON) last night to see Bijou (1972), Wakefield Poole's second full-length film. (The Archives did indeed get several of Poole's masters donated by Poole himself!!) The director himself was there, which was way cool, of course, and he introduced 2 shorts. One called Stars which was basically raw footage with no sound of a party at a club called STARS in 1978(ish) which was great to see all these mustached lanky guys with levi's hanging on their hips, redkerchiefs stuck in back pockets, untrimmed body hair, etc etc etc. And glimpses of a few famous (for 70's gayfolk) people like Sylvester and Peter Berlin. Then a piece that appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show that Poole choreographed, the Beatles' Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, with a sorta trippy effect. But seeing Bijou again up on the big screen was great. The obvious stuff like seeing Bill Harrison's huge schlong (although I've never heard of anyone talk about small schlongs, so maybe that's redundant) on the big screen, but also the 2 or 3 Led Zeppelin songs during an early scene played loud in stereo; then the trippy scenes, with small details that I never noticed on video (like Poole himself appearing in the film, as a photographer). Tonight I'll be seeing Take One which I think is from 1977, and I don't think I've ever seen it, it has one of my porn heroes, Richard Locke in it. And Saturday has at least one film I want to see (Moving (1974) only shown once in the series, Val Martin and Casey Donovan), plus another probably on Sunday. (oh ok, I aint so lazy, here's a schedule for Reflecting Poole).