Friday, June 21, 2002

I Found That Essence Rare
He was tall and, well I guess "lanky" would describe him best. Somewhere close to my age, but with one of those 70's bodies - trim, lean, natural muscle tone that didn't come out of a bottle. And most important, a handsome, strong face that grabbed my lips as he came into the dark little room I had been occupying while leering in his direction for the past 10 minutes. His chest was lightly hairy, with more hair around his stomach and down past the belt, which I kissed lightly as he pulled my right arm upwards and pushed himself in closer and inhaled. Coming back up, but keeping my armpit still in his face, I nibbled at his neck, and could hear the slightest groans. He undid my belt, snap, zipper, then reached in my boxers and lightly grabbed just my balls, cupping them, stroking them as he moved his mouth to mine. At this point, he kicked the door closed, as neither of us had done that at the onset, making the room darker and warmer. I slipped my glasses into a pocket, he pulled down his own pants, and my shorts dropped to the dirty floor. My hands on his balls, he leaned sideways and moved his mouth to my cock, but staying in postion so I could still handle his stuff, which was getting quite hefty and bouncing up and down. He came up again for more kissing, the sweat on our foreheads dripping on to each other, then he crouched down completely, back against the wall, and grabbed me with both hands on my ass, pulling me in.

Looking down and seeing the silhouette of his cock being tugged and pulled by his left hand as he kept his right hand firmly on my ass, my cock stiffened in his mouth. Alternating slow, light slurps with rapid, deep ones, I was getting light-headed as his breathing got louder and heavier. His face plunged all the way down, nose deep in my pubic hair, as he then let go, growled a low "awww, man", I pulled him up, our mouths meeting as I got my hand under his balls just as he started to spray, his kissing getting more forecful and his growls and groans muted by our mouths locked on to each other. His body bucked a few times, his lips touching mine only lightly now, my arm and god-knows what else all sticky, his arms pulled me in for one last full-body grab, our sweat smearing on each other, we slowly looked for discarded clothes, with an occasional kiss as the clothes made their way back onto our warm, wet bodies. Once fully dressed, he grabbed the back of my head and planted a slow kiss, pulled the door open with his other hand, letting in air and light, and we exchanged mischievous grins as he left the room.