Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Men who have not (yet) been my boyfriend

Attempting to cheer myself up, I've been culling through some pictures I've taken over the past couple of years. Of course the zoo pics are great, and the bazillions of rolls of self-pics ( I thought I was teaching myself photography, but I'm sure a team of therapists would have a differing opinion) were entertaining (gosh I've gained a very noticeable middle in the past 3 years...), but I did find there were a few times where I actually had the nerve to take a pic or two of some hot men on the street. Of course, Gay Pride is an easy day for that, and with a zoom lens (all automatic, but these newer zooms can really get in there) I found this lovely specimen walking down 5th Avenue. Unfortunately, not being a joiner, trying to find him later by joining GMSMA wasn't an option. But if you know the guy, let him know that I'm very good at cleaning leather. very good.