Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Sunday- Folsom Street East was a good chunk of the day; saw the 2 boys mentioned below, of course; as well as an ex boyfriend, a buddy and his boyfriend leading someone off on a leash, an ex-employer, a sorta ex (we dated 3 weeks, so, um...); several men who i'd done "it" with that still say HI; several men I'd done "it" with that don't say HI........and of course dozens of men who I wish I had, or will, do "it", or some variation of "it", with. And lots of furr and fuzz, on faces, chests, backs, and that fave spot, just above the waist in the back........ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

oh yeah, then met up with a different ex, and we hung out drooling, er, watching the crowd, and eventually headed to a couple of bars, west village then east village, and then I was home by 1 a.m. for a nap. Well, I planned on it being a nap, but when I awoke at 2:45, the thought of putting clothes on and interacting with drunk people at a nearby bar just wasn't too appealing, so I bumped into a few objects in my apartment, and headed back to sleep.