Wednesday, June 19, 2002

yesterday was a good day. A few minor problems (where the F**K is that still from The Bigger the Better with Rick Donovan and Matt Ramsey??) but - I won an auction on eBay for a cool 70's film/video; I ordered in sex, and it was good (er, um, he was good; well, no, hmmmm, c'mon, IT was good - well, actually, in all modesty it was me who was good, but I was provided some good material to work with); buyers from eBay were PAYPALLING me money without me even billing them, and the laundry got done (it didn't get put away, but that's just one of my many neuroses, er, funny quirks). I shipped 12 pornopackages, containing 18 pornovideos yesterday. And my gym called again, promising if I buy the yearly membership, they'll hold the low low price for me if I promise to go another year without actually going to the gym.