Friday, June 07, 2002

Did I mention finding this blogger a few weeks ago? Having mentioned me and Sparky in the same sentence, how can you not appreciate his good taste? Then he teases me with a compostion claiming he thinks Al Parker is somewhere in there. Well, despite finding no sign of Mr Parker after numerous listens, it's quite a good tune, so check it out. And the other day, I guess I was feeling a bit out of sorts, but had a great on-line chat with Mr Beau, who complimented me on some photo I took, which really cheered me up (although he kept talking about how well the carrots and cucumbers were doing in his garden, and how I should come up and see them some time... very perplexing). And if you ever feel the need to get Mr Homo out of hibernation, just post music-related stuff - although rechecking his website this morning, I still can't find the Urdu version of Our Lips Are Sealed by Fun Boy 3 he claims to have. This is a bit vague, is Chris the tongue, or the tight place? (from what I hear..... nevermind) - Back to me - Oh yeah, and those 3 beers last night? I was very proud of myself, getting my ass out of the house to meet up with a sorta stranger for a friendly non-date, (strangers scare me), then seeing he's even handsomer than the pic I saw months ago, and really fun to hang out with, but I resisted touching his moustache til he was getting in his cab to go home. Who says I don't have self-control?