Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Looks like it's gonna be a big whackin' off marathon for me today. No energy to go outside and do anything, and I need to sort what's left of my sellable porn and ready it for auction (which means a lot of previewing, scanning, snapping stills, etc). I do have a bunch to ship out, so I'll organize myself so that I just need one trip out-of-doors (post office, grocery store, perhaps one detour thru the park to see sunbathing boys). I realize that Aiden Shaw has only a small amount of body hair, but what I dig about it is that it is so natural, no obvious signs of trimming or shaving. He doesn't seem to need that extra 1/4 inch of cocklength that other pornguys get from that nasty pubeshave, which, c'mon! do they really think we're fooled? While I most definately have a hairyguy preference, more important to me is the natural look (and yes, someone called me on the "but you trim your goattee, and head?"). So, perhaps I'll post some more examples later.