Monday, June 17, 2002

Its around 4:15 this morning, I'm waiting for the popcorn to finish in the microwave (hurryup!!), and I find the remote to see what's on the tube. Sunday night/Monday morning is the worst time for tv, but I knew I'd be in bed in 20 minutes so it didnt really matter. As I settled in a comfy chair, I looked out the window and noticed a neighbor in the building across the way watching tv. Some sorta sports thing. And everyonce in awhile, he'd jump up, or slap himself in the head, or some other sports-related gesture. I remembered something about some sort of soccer thing, and US fans would have to stay up late, so I started flippin thru channels. Mind you, I had just had my first and only beer of the evening only 20 minutes prior, rode home, and am just waiting for the friggin popcorn to finish (hurryup!!) So it is indeed Worldsoccer, and the clock is at 80:00 something, which means something to someone somewhere, no doubt - so the ringer finally goes off, I grab the bag of popcorn, and sit near the window and alternate watching the tv and the neighbor. I never once saw his face, but the back of his short-cropped hair, the broad shoulders, and the occasional view of his butt (clothed, but still nice) when he'd jump up in whatever dispaly of happiness or disappointment. Meanwhile, back on the screen, they kept showing #10, this beautiful Hispanic guy (I assume Hispanic not only from his features, but from the fact that it's soccer, and I think Mexico was the opposing team - I could be wrong) Either he was an important player, or the cameraman was a big homo and just loved showing the guy (Either way, I am very greatful). Then the guy across the way was doing all sorts of motions, and got real close to his screen, and I hadn't a clue why, but then the tv shows some long-haired sweaty guy falling from like 40 different angles. Alternating slo-mo, above, sideways, and everyconceivable way to show this poor bastard getting clobbered while trying to kick a ball. Then the game continued, still no one was getting the ball anywhere near the goal, and then it was over and the greenshirts were unhappy (poor #10), but the other guys were quite happy and now the US will go on to fight Germany, apparently. Since that hasn't happened yet in this century, I suppose it should be interesting. The guy across the way then goes over to somebody who I hadn't noticed before, and you see this body appear, obviously had been asleep on the couch, and walks out of the room, apparently ok to go to bed now that the game is over.

oh yeah and I had sex in a backroom with 2 guys I had individually diddled with previously, but this time I was sorta in the middle.