Thursday, June 27, 2002

in my bed
with a short, scruffy, big-dicked man.
Good kisser.

Just a tad odd, though; I mean, I'd like to do "it" again, but I don't know about an actual date. And I'm fairly bad at fuckbuddying. I like my anonymous meaningless sex to be, well, just that. Who knows, nothing to get too worried about right now. And I have forgotten his name already, hehe. The room smells of sex, I'm a bit high from it, actually. The home-turf advantage, you can just let your intermingled cum dry wherever, and worry about it later. He had plans to meet up with a buddy at 9:30, so we knew we had only about an hour, and he lived close. He's gone off into the thunderstorm, and I have some stuff to do around the apartment. We met online, and I was using my up-until-now failure of a screen name ORAL3WAY. Anyone who responds always wants to know if there's another guy already here, and loses interest fast when I say "no, nobody else at this point". And with this guy, it seemed like negotiations were about to fail for the same reason, but one or two additional compliments in his direction, and knowing he was only 4 short blocks away, seemed to get him over. As he left, he asked if he could buddylist me, and i told him I'd love his cock in my face again, so I guess he took that as a "yes".