Monday, June 24, 2002

I don't usually think in terms of weekends, since my life doesn't go by the M-F thing, and weekends are really just the time that I avoid being out in my neighborhood at night. But the past several days I have had activities outside this little apartment, and it's been fun.
Thursday That was the night I went to see Bijou and wound up sitting with an old ACT-UP acquaintance, and later talking about porn, and "impressing" him with my knowledge about all that important stuff (like the "lead", Bill Harrison, going on to direct films like The Biggest One I Ever Saw, plus others under the name Ronnie Sharks. Oh yeah, and later on sex with 2 different sexy guys at House of Regrets (aka Bijou 82 on 4th St).
Friday As I mentioned earlier, saw 2 Poole films, and met the director himself, who is a real sweetheart. I forgot to mention that someone streaked during the screening of Bible!, which was silly but appropriate, cuz on the screen was a keystone cops-style sped-up sexy chase scene around a small pool. Earlier that night went to dinner with a visiting friend from England, a former employer in fact (back when I lived on 4 bucks an hour - ahhhhhhh, New York in the late 80's....). I politely excused myself before dinner was completely done, since I really wanted to get to the Poole films (I made this clear before dinner that I had these plans, and heard later several smart remarks from our guest of honor, who apparently doesn't "approve" of me selling porn on the internet! Ha!)
Saturday Well, I sat on my ass most of the day, worrying about money, and better yet, doing absofuckinglutely nothing about it (resume? hmmm, I've heard of those....). And then of course eventually got out of the house to go see Moving at the Poole film festival, and a pal met up with me. Very cool film, the Peter Fisk fisting scene was so lovingly photographed, his tattooed arms could definately talk me into almost anything (hence all the tattoed love boys pics lately). And my pal corrrectly identified the soundtrack for the short Roger - would love to hear the former Beatle's thoughts on his tune being used for the backdrop to Roger's whacking his mighty meat!
Oh yeah, and Sunday - need to get back to that, but a highlight was definately bumping into adorable Sparky and getting a big hug, plus meeting his cute (and hairy - grrrrrrrrrrrrr) New Zealand buddy (gee, I guess I could go find the link.... more coffee, link later)