Sunday, June 30, 2002

I just saw this woman last week at the Community Center. She was standing at the elevator, going through her purse, head down, but I immediatley remembered that I had a picture of her! Last year, and I can't even remember how the day started, or at one point I stopped being a bystander and just jumped into the Parade and followed it down 5th Avenue and into the West Village. Oddly, I think I was near the Cyndi Lauper float - perhaps because there was no real organization to it, just loud music and Cyndi wearing a ridiculously tall hat. So, on Christopher Street, I hear all this clapping and squealing, just ahead, so I pick up the pace to see what in particular this was about. This woman, all dressed in white, carrying a cane, not a day under 70, was doing this marvelous dance. And the folks in the street gave her all this room, leaving a large amount of space as the Parade slowly moved forward. The crowds on the sidelines were gleeful, cameras snapping, cheering, clapping, whistling, watching this woman having this joyous moment. And those moments are why I love this Parade. I sure hope that I can capture a few more on film today; but regardless, I know I will see them, enjoy them, and once again, be inspired by them.