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Saturday, June 22, 2002
Wakefield Poole
so, I actually met the man! After the screening for Take One (which was great, I need to reflect on it a bit, it was quite wonderful), and trying to charm/sneak my way in to see the next flic, Mr Poole comes out from the back, and I forced myself out of my shyness and smiled and said "Wow, what a great film! Too bad about the technical problems (several times it sputtered, stopped), but so well done, it looked great!" And then I told him how great I thought it was that he donated his work to the Film Archives, and he told me a bit about that; like how he's good old friends with a board member, and he felt his stuff would be in good hands, and that it wasn't just his prints of his own work, but also his personal prints of some Joe Gage ( I wanted to ask more about that, but at the same time wanted to hear more about him, and his thoughts on the little mini-festival here). I hadn't planned on it, but I was so impressed with Take One that I wanted to stay and see Bible! which I'd heard only bits about, but was hesitant because it was supposed to be a str8 film. All I can say is that there's just a bit of simulated str8 sex, quite safe for us Kinsey 8's, but it was quite remarkable, in a playful, unassuming manner. But what really hit me after having seen Bijou on the big screen last night, and these two films tonight, that - DUH! - no wonder the look of the films is so cool, he's a choreographer! Some of the shots, angles, perspectives were so good. And I don't mean by any sorta big hollywood standards, just that it's so great to see someone get into really making the look of a sexpicture be so good. There was movement, somehow; whether it was the camera's perspective shifting, or the actors themselves moving around or shifting. Hard to explain. But Bible was so simple, and beautiful (not to mention the stud who played Sampson! grrrrrrrrrrrr!!) One part of a scene of a guy about to give another guy a blowjob in the lobby of a porn theatre, we get to see several different perspectives - but not standard bland above-below-sideways, but more like a long shot from the other side of a doorway, slightly above, giving it more af that voyeur perspective which of course is what watching a porn movie is, right? And of course all the guys in Take One had mustaches, and the kissing mustaches was soooo hot, I love that! Anyway, I'm seeing at least one more tomorrow, the only showing of Moving. It's late, I really should get some sleep, but now I wanna dig out that Poole article I stuffed away somewhere in my own little porn archives...