Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Men who have not (yet) been my boyfriend, pt. 2
Ok, this guy was a bit shy. Or, more truthfully, I was too shy to take too many snaps while he was looking in my direction, and the few that I snapped, came out poorly. This guy was working with one other construction guy in the school playground on the other side of my apartment building. He was working for 3-4 days, installing some new fancy multi-colored playground, including that soft rubbery flooring. What a face on this one! And to see him sweating while working, slurpalicious! One day I'm walking down the stairs, and I hear him and the other guy chatting, I look out the window, and the other guy says something like "naw, naw, don't go anywhere, just use this" and hands him some sort of container; the (pictured) guy turns to his van, opens the door, and with his back to me, unzips and goes. Well, a roll of film later, this is the best pic I got.